Can Cryptocurrencies Continue their Bull Run Beyond the End of 2017?

2017 was a banner year for cryptocurrencies of nearly all types, from the established giants to the new players in the field. From January to November, values rose dramatically, and then December represented an even more dramatic spike.

Now, the question is what 2018 brings. Are cryptocurrencies overvalued, ready for a significant correction? Are we only seeing the beginning of mainstream adoption, leading to even more spiraling gains?

Will Bitcoin and Ethereum Continue to Rise in Value?

For the majority of the public aware of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the face of cryptocurrency. And behind Bitcoin is Ethereum, a significant refinement in many ways.

It’s possible that a number of the smaller market cap cryptocurrencies will wither as the market sorts out the pretenders. However, a major question is whether the flagship cryptocurrencies will continue to gain value. In many ways, this will tell the tale of cryptocurrency health in general.

Will Bitcoin Conclusively Address its Scalability Issues?

A longstanding issue with Bitcoin specifically is scalability and transaction times. This is a problem that is only going to get worse as time goes on, unless measures are taken to ‘fix’ Bitcoin.

Some efforts have already been undertaken, such as the fork which produced Bitcoin Cash. Others are on the horizon. Solving this issue is one of the most important issues in the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Which Altcoins, If Any, Will Fade in 2018?

It seems unlikely that every cryptocurrency will be valuable and necessary when the dust settles. Right now, we’re in a boom, where cryptocurrencies are springing up right and left.

Which cryptocurrencies are going to fade away as the market matures is one of the questions of 2018.

Will Financial Institutions Continue to Embrace Cryptocurrency?

MoneyGram’s announced deal with Ripple was the latest instance of the mainstream financial institution’s beginning to take greater notice of cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

It seems extremely likely that blockchain infrastructure will be adopted in some form in the financial world. How that happens, and which cryptocurrencies rise to the top, is very much in doubt.

Which 2018 ICO Will Produce a 10x (or Greater) Cryptocurrency?

In 2018, we continue to see a steady trickle of new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) from companies launching new cryptocurrencies.

As 2017 showed, some of these ICOs have the potential to produce an altcoin which sees 10x or greater growth in a short time frame. Which ICO will be the next to do so?

Which Company Will Best Bring the Blockchain to a New Industry or Market?

Right now, a number of fledgling companies are working to bring the blockchain infrastructure to existing industries and markets.

Interests as diverse as social media, biometrics, and internet infrastructure are all the target of companies trying to leverage the blockchain to bring a new solution. Any of them have the potential to catch fire in the next year or so.

Will China Crack Down on Cryptocurrency Mining?

In early 2018, China has been making some rumblings about cryptocurrency, which has had a chilling effect on the market.

One of China’s concerns is with cryptocurrency mining. China is by far the biggest source of bitcoin mining, at the investment of a tremendous amount of power. If China cracks down on bitcoin or other cryptocurrency mining, the reverberations will be significant.

Will World Governments Move to Regulate Cryptocurrencies in 2018?

China hasn’t been the only nation in the news recently for having floated some thoughts about cryptocurrencies. South Korea, another major cryptocurrency market, made some statements suggesting that a ban on cryptocurrency trading might be in the offing.

In the end, this turned out to be inaccurate, but there’s no question that governments are taking notice of cryptocurrency in a way they hadn’t previously. Any governmental actions could change the face of cryptocurrencies fundamentally.

Will World Governments Experiment with a ‘National Cryptocurrency?

Recently, some national governments have started talking about the idea of a digital currency. It’s important to note that they’re studiously not using the world cryptocurrency. But it’s entirely possible that we’ll see some government issue a digital currency of some kind in the near future.

It’s likely that any such currency won’t adhere to the standards of centralization fundamental to most of the cryptocurrencies in existence now. However, any kind of digital national currency would represent a change in the game.

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