After an occupational accident, even the hardest working and committed New York worker can find it daunting to get back to work. In some instances after an accident individuals may not be able to reach peak performance levels again. As such, the affected individuals lose their income, which affects their families in extension.
This is where a New York workers compensation lawyer comes into play. A compensation lawyer works to secure dignified compensation for their clients enabling them to lead a better life.

Here are other reasons why you should consider hiring a New York compensation lawyer;

Effective legal representation
Many workers encounter obstacles in their quest to securing their deserved compensation.  Sadly, this is a trend in New York even if the employees’ injuries warrant them compensation. Compensation lawyers seek to understand the intricacies of the case and set the foundation for your deserved compensation. They further represent you in court and help you argue the merits of your case.

Legal advice
Unscrupulous insurance companies may try to put it into you that your injuries do not qualify for compensation. They do so for purely business interests leaving you in desperate need of an income to survive. If the medical report states that your injury was caused while at work and is incapacitating you from earning a regular income, then compensation is due. Compensation lawyers will advise you on the relevant steps to take after an injury and help you file a lawsuit.

Securing adequate compensation
In New York, your compensation should be at least two-thirds of your income depending on your injuries. Also, the compensation should cover your cost of treatment and other related expenditures associated with your treatment. There are several other regulations that are spelled out in the New York’s workers’ compensation law. Compensation lawyers draw their arguments from these and other regulations found in the workers’ compensation precedents.  As such, they are able to secure adequate compensation for your occupational injury.

At Dearie Law Firm PPC, we specialize in occupational hazards such as Construction Site Accidents, Slip and Falls, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Toxic Torts, the 9/11 Zadroga Law, and other fields.  Having been in the profession for three decades, we have worked on a myriad of compensation cases in New York and have helped workers secure dignified compensation.
We understand the emotional turmoil compensation cases hence we treat all our clients like family. We would love to work on your compensation case today; contact us or visit our Manhattan or Bronx offices. We also have three mobile offices for your convenience.

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