There’s nothing like the digital nomad life, is there? Whether you’re a freelance writer selling your services online as a side business from your blog, or you’ve come up with an idea for a startup that’s made it possible for you to work from anywhere in the world, you’re living the life you want to lead now. You set your own hours, live wherever you want, and travel as much as you like. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own challenges. Keeping track of time, saying no to partying when you’re invited out by fellow expats, ensuring you report your taxes correctly if you’re a US citizen–it’s not always as glamorous as it seems

This is why it’s so important to stay on top of things by reading content from other digital nomads. If you’re just starting out and looking for a way to fund your dreams, or you’ve been on the road for years and suddenly feeling homesick, these blogs will give you all the advice you need.

1 Remote Like Me

If you’re just starting out as a nomad, and unsure if it’s even a possibility for you, then you’ll want to check out Remote Like Me. This blog, particularly focused on giving women opportunities, offers a lot of advice when it comes to changing your ordinary life into a digital nomad one, with lists of remote job boards for every industry, online networking tips, and success stories from across the globe. Additionally, Taylor offers a community space, a Facebook page for networking, a start working online course, and consultation services.

If you’re afraid to take the leap, don’t be: it’s estimated that by 2020, there are going to be 1 billion digital nomads in the world, which means that there’s only going to be more opportunities for this lifestyle in the future.

2 Tropical MBA

Tropical MBA is one of the best resources out there to help you imagine what it’s like to be in business as a digital nomad and provide you with advice, such as how to hustle for more money, how to come up with business ideas, business models, how to make your first 1K online, and more. Dan Edwards, who writes the blog, is passionate about making the digital nomad business life possible: “If your entrepreneurial leap isn’t going to cause death, destitution, or dismemberment, then just jump. Because you’ll figure it out.”

Additionally, if you’re an insanely busy person like most entrepreneurs are, check out Dan’s podcast of the same name. Downloaded millions of times in over 100 countries, you’ll be able to study up on combining the remote life with business when you’re commuting or at the gym.

3 Suitcase Entrepreneur

If you’re looking to create an online-based start-up, and if tech is one of your passions, then you’ll definitely want to read Natalie Sisson’s Suitcase Entrepreneur. She’s truly living the dream: after quitting her 9-to-5 job back in 2008, she’s now running an online business that generates a multiple six-figure income–and has traveled to over 69 countries. Which is why she created this blog: she wants to teach others that it’s possible to get this dream life, too.

Additionally, her blog’s got a feminist vibe. According to her website, “I thought it was a no-brainer to set up a platform to connect with and interview the amazing women entrepreneurs that were out there taking risks and building awesome things. I started a blog to capture it all.” (Which is no surprise, considering that only 17 percent of startups had a female founder in 2017.) She also offers courses, as well as a podcast, if you really want to get educated.

4 Tim Ferriss’s Blog

You’ve heard of The 4-Hour Workweek, right? Anytime you’ve looked up digital nomad information online, there’s no doubt you’ve come across this book. But who needs a book when you can read advice from Tim Ferriss, the book’s author, on his blog? And sure, it’s probably a bit unrealistic to be aiming to work 4 hours a week (who wouldn’t go crazy with all that time on their hands, anyway?), but that doesn’t mean that his advice isn’t any good. In fact, it’s excellent.

According to, what’s great about his blog is the advice Ferriss gives on living life the way you want to, from overcoming self-doubt to preparing yourself financially for inevitable challenges. So if you want to be like the average digital nomad, who visits between 5-10 countries a year, Ferriss is the perfect inspiration who can tell you: you can do it.

Whether you’re just starting off as a digital nomad entrepreneur, or you’ve been in the business for a long time, these blogs will always be a great help to you. So read up, learn some lessons, and apply them, both in your life and in your business.

Do you have any blogs you’d recommend to digital nomad business leaders?

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