To make that perfect dosa in the morning can be a real tough job for many. How would you like if there is a machine in which you just put a ladle of batter and the crispy dosas come out instantly? The whole family can eat together without any hustle. The dosa maker is exactly the thing that most of the women long for. It prepares not only crispy dosas, but also chillas, crepes and omelettes and that too with the minimal use of oil.

The dosa makers available today are designed keeping in mind the requirement of today’s women and are really sleek and elegant in looks. They come with a non-stick surface and are capable of making healthy and tasty dosas really fast and in a hygienic way.

Most of these dosa makers are available online, but before buying one it is better to go through these handy tips. It will help you in selecting one of the best models of dosa maker online.

  1. Power Consumption: As you will be using it on a regular basis, always go for a model that consumes less power and gives optimal performance. Otherwise, the comfort of having delicious dosas will be marred by shelling out a lot of money to pay the increased electricity bills.
  1. 2. Easy to Operate: The appliance you buy should be easy to operate otherwise you will feel more hassled than relaxed. It should have simple settings and should be easy to clean too. The appliance should also be light in weight so that it can be carried easily from kitchen to dining table or in case you want to take it along while going on your trip. The latest dosa makers available in the market come in stylish designs that are sleek and modern with easy settings to operate.
  1. Oil Free Cooking: People are really health conscious these days and the appliance manufacturers are well aware of it. Dosa makers come with non-stick coating. This coating has dual function – one it does not allow the dosa to stick on it and second you get tasty dosa without adding oodles of oil. So, go for the one that has a non-stick coating on it so that you can enjoy oil-free dishes that are both tasty and healthy.
  1. Protection: When buying any electric appliance, you should always check if it is approved by the regulating authority. Also, ensure that there are protective handles that are made of good quality plastic. The appliance gets heated on use, and these handles will prevent you from getting burned and also from getting an electrical shock in case something goes wrong.
  2.  Check the Service Centre Locations: If at all you face any problem with the appliance, you might have to take it to an authorised service centre. Make sure that the company has a service centre in close vicinity so that you don’t face trouble in getting it repaired in case anything goes wrong. Look for customer reviews about the company as well as the product that you are planning to buy.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will definitely end up buying a good dosa maker.

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