JetPrivilege already offers a number of different and easy ways to earn JPMiles, such as flying, shopping, dining, swiping your card, renting a car, etc. If you are still short, you also have the option of buying JPMiles. Let us have a look at some reasons as to why you should buy JPMiles.

By being a member of JetPrivilege, the loyalty and rewards programme of Jet Airways, you can earn JPMiles and redeem it for Award Flight tickets, Cabin Upgrades, and exclusive products and experiences. While there are already a number of ways like flying, shopping, dining, renting a car, and more such activities with their programme partners in which you can earn JPMiles, the programme now also allows you to purchase JPMiles.

Several reasons make buying JPMiles a smart decision for the JetPrivilege members. Let us have a look at 5 of the most important reasons:

  1. They Are Highly Affordable

You can now buy one JPMile for just Rs. 1.25 for a minimum of 500 JPMiles. Apart from the highly affordable cost, another major advantage of buying JPMiles is that there is no maximum limit to the number of JPMiles you can buy. Most of the loyalty programmes usually have a cap on the maximum number of miles you can purchase. But there are no such limits with JetPrivilege. This is great news, because buying miles is an excellent way to get discounts on premium cabin tickets.

  1. You Can Gift Them to Someone

JetPrivilege allows you to transfer or gift your JPMiles to any other member of the loyalty programme. If you have been searching for a thoughtful present for a family member or a friend, JPMiles can be a great option. With the miles, they might to able to receive Award Flight tickets, upgrade their Cabin, redeem the miles for great products or book themselves a memorable experience offered by JetPrivilege.

  1. You Get Bonus Jpmiles

Currently, JetPrivilege is offering a Bonus of 405 JPMiles when you purchase 5000 JPMiles or more. For instance, if you now purchase 10,000 JPMiles, you will get 4,000 JPMiles in Bonus and you can then use the purchased and collected miles any way you want. JetPrivilege regularly offers such discounts and Bonuses to help you make the best use of this new feature.

  1. Jpmiles Can Be Used for Other Airline Partners

The JPMiles that you collect, or purchase can also be used to get free or discounted flights of the air carriers partnered with JetPrivilege. These include many of the other reputed carriers like Etihad Airways, Air Serbia, Air Berlin, Air Seychelles, Alitalia, Austrian, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and many more. You can now buy the miles to enjoy an amazing experience when flying with these air carriers too. You can also earn JPMiles every time you travel on these airline partners. This means, you are not just limited to Jet Airways, and this partnership gives you access to more than 1000 destinations across the world!


  1. Buy Jpmiles To Avoid Your Jpmiles From Expiring

If you have been collecting JPMiles for a long time for a free flight but are still short of the required amount, buying the miles that you need before the miles get expired is a smart decision. Once you have enough miles, you can then redeem them for the free flight that you have been dreaming about for so long. Similarly, you can buy miles to top off your account anytime the miles are about to expire and redeem them for free flights, upgrades, shopping, etc.

Buying JPMiles is an excellent way to get the most out of your air travels. The miles are highly affordable and can be used in many different ways. Not to forget that JetPrivilege regularly offers great offers on the JPMiles, making it easier for you to reach your miles collection goal easily and in a cost-efficient manner.

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