As a manager in these industries, it is vital that you have all the necessary linens required to do the job properly. Many of us would not want to dine at a table which is covered in shabby table cloths, and a bride who couldn’t be offered crisp, clean table clothes for her wedding, would not be a very happy bride. That is why it is important that managers find a companywho will supply them with clean linen on a daily basis. It’s also important that the service provided comes with a sensible, industry standard price tag, that is not prohibitively expensive. There are a number of other benefits to using laundry services and here are a few.

  1. Positive Environmental Impact – In today’s more socially responsible world, people and businesses are always looking for different ways to reduce their carbon footprint. If guests know that your hotel or guesthouse has taken steps to be more environmentally responsible, then it should result in more bookings and as it spreads on social media and word of mouth, you should find an upturn in your business profits. Businesses that provide laundry services on a larger scalehave washing machines, dryers and ironing facilities that use less energy. The washing machines use less water than a conventional machine, and they use detergents that are totally bio-degradeable. All of these additional measures ensure that your laundry is being cleaned with the environment in mind.
  1. Significant Reduced Workload – Some hotels and guesthouses sometimes decide that it would be best to do their own laundry service. They figure that they already have the staff, so this would just be an additional duty, in an otherwise normal day. It never turns out like that and they find themselves having to get additional staff to complete the duties. If it is their intention to wash and dry their own linens, then they will need a washing machine big enough to do it, and an equally bigger dryerdue to the unpredictable UK weather. The linens, then need to be sorted, separated, ironed and folded and this is lots of extra work that is going to cost additional money. Laundry is required everyday, fresh and clean. This is a lot of work for any business to take on.
  1. High Expectations – All hospitality businesses have a demand for the supply and cleaning of linen items with things such as table cloths, staff uniforms and table napkins, to name but a few. There is an obvious expectation from clients that use hotels, guest houses, residential homes and hospitals, for clean and crisp linen products. Hospitals need clean bed sheets and uniforms for nurses, doctors and surgeons, as well as all the other additional cloth materials used in operations in the general day to day running of a hospital. Similarly, hotels have a wide use for linen, from table clothes, napkins and banquet linens. No clean linen in the hospitality industry, can actually mean not being able to provide the service that guests expect.
  1. Time Efficient – In order to do the above, it is going to take a lot of time to do and this is time your staff could be doing something else more useful,within your hotel or care home like taking care of the guests. The guests should be your number one priority and anything that takes yourstaffmembers away from themis a negative thing, within the hospitality industry. This is when you need a company that can offer laundry services for businesses. There are the additional utility bills for the added useof water and electricity and also the detergent and softener you will have to buy. As mentioned, this isn’t a one off thing that needs to be done every week, but something that is required every single day of every week and every month. Wouldn’t it just be easier and cheaper to contract the work out.
  1. Needs To Be Compliant – If you make the sensible decision and contract your laundry services out to a competent company, then you and your customers will have assurances, that the service will be completed in an environmentally aware way, and they will be abiding by local government rules pertaining to the laundry industry. The water and detergent from these machines must be disposed of properly, to insure that the excess water will not be flowing into the water table. There will be an insistence that totally bio-degradeable products are used, from the detergent, to the clothes softener, in an attempt to make companies more environmentally responsible. By letting these laundry companies do the work, you don’t have to worry about such things.


  1. Saves You Money – If for some reason, you still want to try to do your own laundry, then you need to purchase the industrial sized washing machine and dryer to perform the work. A standard household machine is not good enoughand you will find it will break down on a regular basis. Even the bigger machines break down for anumber of reasonsand you will have to call an engineer out to fix them. This is down time when linen is not being prepared and so will cost you more money over the long run. With all this added expense and time lost, wouldn’t it be much easier to hire a company who can do your laundry services for you. They already have all the necessary machinery and know how. It is smart business practice and makes total sense.

The additional costs involved when trying to undertake your own laundry services is sizeable and the additional staff and time required is more than you can afford. It just doesn’t make sense to be out the price of expensive new machinery, when these commercial laundry companies already have the machines and the industry know how, to get your laundry done quickly and much cheaper. Look into a business laundry service today, and see what they can do for you.

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