If you have ever vaped before, you will know that the quality of the water vapor you inhale is dependent on the quality of your device and the liquid you put inside it. There is no point in compromising quality just to save a couple of bucks. After all, that initial “saving” will more than likely not be worth it. You can expect to be replacing your vape far too often if you fail to put quality at the top of your vape-hunting priorities. How do you find the most durable and functional products on the market? First, find the best vape shop!

We’ve got you covered on this one. If a supplier of vaping merchandise and e-liquids possesses the following qualities/assets, you can pretty much guarantee you’re buying from the best vape shops.

  1. Large and Modern Product Selection

Vaping technologies are advancing all of the time and with so much innovation surrounding the industry, it is essential that the best vape shop keeps up! A stale product range is a sign that the vape company is not progressing with the vape movement, so aim to find a business that is constantly adding new Vapes, Mods and e-liquids to their inventory.

  1. Educated and Communicative Staff

At some point during the vape-buying process, you might necessitate a helping hand from a member of staff who can point you in the right direction. A company with a knowledgeable customer service team will be worth working with. Look for an online store with a live chat service or at the very least, responsive email communication. However, if a company really knows how to entice their vaping customers, they will be able to answer any potential questions with the information published on their website. 

  1. Professional Approach and Strong Vision 

The idea of vaping is to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals contained in cigarette smoke and provide smokers with a safer alternative to tobacco smoking. A company that believes in the idea of vaping must represent this in their brand image. Check out a company’s social media page to determine how well-known they are in the industry, as this will help you to steer clear of unreputable vape stores.

  1. License to Sell Vaping Tools and E-liquids

Since the majority of people who vape will do so as a way of satisfying their nicotine craving, it is vital that a vape store is licensed to sell nicotine products. You can find out if a company is licensed by researching online or asking the company directly. A proud company with nothing to hide will display a badge or logo on their official website to confirm that they hold all relevant licenses to sell vape hardware.

  1. Delivery and Online Buying Options

Convenience is key for anyone who is buying vapes. Not everybody will have the time to visit a brick-and-mortar store, peruse the product selection and buy a vape for their personal pleasure. This is why most vape stores now offer online buying options, which makes it possible for the buyer to securely checkout and arrange for delivery to their doorstep.

  1. Loyal and Happy Customer Base

You wouldn’t dine at a restaurant that has bad reviews for its food, so why would you buy a vape device from a store with an unhappy customer base? Look for a company that strives to keep their customer base happy by constantly engaging them in something, whether it is a social media competition or an email newsletter. Read reviews to get an insight into the company’s work ethics.

  1. Respectable Online Presence

Did you know that some people these days are making a living purely by vaping? That’s right – the vaping industry has completely blown up over the last few years and even more so with the rise in cannabis legalization. Certain vape devices can now be used with cannabis oil, which has spurred a new buying craze as of late. To remain relevant in the vape field, a vape store should integrate social media into their marketing efforts. You can discover how active they are on social media by checking their Facebook page for updates and checking how many followers they have accumulated on Instagram.

  1. Warranty Coverage on Purchases

When you buy a vaporizer, it will come with a set of instructions and preventative maintenance information to extend its lifespan. Although you can do your best to prevent problems from occurring, sometimes the unfortunate does occur. In this instance, warranty coverage will prove useful for covering the damage, meaning you don’t have to pay extra. Ideally, a vape shop will offer this service with every purchase, but it’s worth reading the terms and conditions to determine exactly what vape hardware is covered.

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