A lot of two wheeler riders do not take it seriously that it is mandatory to carry a two wheeler insurance on you always. In fact, it is illegal to ride a two wheeler in the country without a valid insurance. Sure enough, everyone has one during the purchase of the bike, as it is provided by the dealer. However, with the passage of time the policy expires and bike owners do not bother to renew two wheeler insurance. There are two fundamental problems with not renewing your bike insurance. Firstly, with the absence of a valid insurance, your bike is not road legal. Secondly, you are prone to a lot of financial damage and legal trouble should anything goes wrong.

If you renew two wheeler insurance on time, you save yourself from the above two serious problems. But there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before renewals. Here are some of the ones that you must not avoid at any cost.

  • Personal Injury

Presence of this clause in your policy ensures coverage against medical expenses, any form of lost wages and other expenses.

  • Policy Lapse

One cannot pay stress this point enough. Don’t let your policy lapse at any cost. Keep the renewal dates close to you and two wheeler insurance renewal on time to avoid any fines or other hassles.

  • NCB

If you have not claimed your insurance within a specified time frame you are entitled to no claims bonus. The bonus ranges from a minimum of 20% to maximum of 50%.

Why You Really Need Renew Two Wheeler Insurance?

As mentioned above, the moment you renew two wheeler insurance, your bike becomes road legal. This ensures a lot of mental peace as you do not have to worry about random checks. One of the major reasons for renewing your two-wheeler insurance is to keep yourself safe from third party liability. Should you meet with an accident there are chances that you might hurt someone else or damage some property. If you do not have a valid insurance, the onus of paying for all the damages and injuries is on you. Whereas, if you renew two wheeler insurance on time, you do not have to pay for such things from your pockets.

Recent modifications to the rules and regulations mean that you will end up paying a substantial amount in the form of fines. To make matters worse, the traffic police might confiscate your driving license as well. Given the number of incidents that take place in the country, it is no secret that driving two wheeler poses a lot of risks. Having a valid insurance would make your life a lot easier.

Top 10 Plans For To Renew Two Wheeler Insurance

  • ICICI Lombard

It is one of the most trusted brands for two wheeler insurances and provides a host of features. The brand offers long term plans if you want to renew two wheeler insurance. At 3300, it supports one of the largest cashless garage services in the country.

  • Bajaj Allianz

The brand provides comprehensive policy for your bike with some of the finest customer service programs that one can expect. You are entitled to free services at its network garages across the country.

  • HDFC Ergo

HDFC Ergo lets you renew two wheeler insurance almost instantly using their online portal. It allows you to claim for repairs of the bike as well as accessories. You can claim the policy online.

  • Reliance General Insurance

Reliance general insurance allows for easy online claims and settlements via NEFT. It covers towing charges up to Rs.1500 and has about 2100 network garages.

  • SBI General Insurance

You can customize the plan as per your needs and the policy is available in more than 56 cities in the country.

  • Tata Aig Insurance

The policy covers the charges of picking up your bike in the case of an accident and offers a guarantee of 6 months on repairs.

  • New India Assurance

The brand has earned a reputation for itself by several prestigious awards. This state owned insurer provides quick turnaround times for claims.

  • Royal Sundaram

Royal Sundaram has been successful in capturing the market over the last few years. You get access to more than 3300 network garages across the country.

  • IFFCO Tokio

You can opt for third party liability and get access to more than 2000 network garages for cashless services.

  • Universal Sompo

The brand is a part of the General Insurance Co. Ltd. and provides you with a lot of add-ons or riders for your policy.

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