Do you use your phone merely to chat and network with friends and associates? Backed by a good Internet service provider, your phone can become an important component of the Digital India initiative.

Your smartphone is your companion in a busy, sometimes chaotic world. It provides you with an instant connection to the outside, lets you brush up on the news and gossip, and helps you chat with friends and relatives whenever you want.

But are these the only uses for your smartphone? While increasing numbers of Indians take enthusiastic part in the Digital India story with the help of superb Internet services, make sure that your smartphone helps you –

* To shop for whatever you need. Your smartphone can prove to be the one-stop gateway for all your shopping needs. From new clothes to groceries, and from nursery and manure supplies to exercise equipment, everything is available for sale online. You just need to flick your fingers over your smartphone screen and buy whatever you want. Besides, online merchants offer greater variety of goods at cheaper prices than in offline stores.

* To pay bills. You can use your smartphone to pay your monthly utility bills. Instead of writing out cheques and dropping them in bill boxes located at different locations, you can simply pay them all sitting at your desk using just your smartphone. You might have bill payment apps, or you may wish to pay the bills on the Internet service provider’s website directly. Either way, you save a lot of time and effort settling all your monthly bills in one go.

* To book holidays, movies, cabs…Nowhere has the Digital India come true that in the domain of hospitality, travel and tourism. Your little smartphone can book the most exclusive holidays, get your flight tickets in order, get a cab to take you home…Your mobility is literally increased manifold with the help your smartphone. But just make sure that you have fast Internet service from Airtel because these bookings are taken on a timed basis, so any delays in the network can result in the session timing out.

* To keep your finances in check. Gone are the days when you needed to hire a personal finance manager to oversee your financial portfolio. Today, a multitude of personal finance apps help you manage your money and plan its use with just a few clicks. You can use basic payment apps like the myAirtel app to pay utility bills, or you can use banking apps to transact in a secure manner. Some apps also advise on the best insurance and investment products to check out basis your financial goals.

* To make life more interesting. Your smartphone also sweetens your life in different ways. it becomes the connection between you and those who know via social media and messenger apps. It lets you watch videos, stream movies and audio files, learn new recipes, give online lessons to others, etc. These activities enrich your intellect and keep you entertained.

But to get the best of Digital India at your fingertips, you need to have superior Internet services backing your requirement.

Get the best broadband Internet service for all your needs

Airtel has the best broadband Internet services in India. Apart from the widest and deepest mobile tower network, it offers the fastest speeds with its revolutionary V-fibernet technology that offers 99% uptime and speeds up to 300 Mbps.

Airtel broadband Internet services are diverse and all-encompassing: you can connect up to 10 different digital devices at once, without any slowing down of speeds or network outages. This means that you can connect anything from smartphones to tabs, and laptops to gaming consoles on just one connection.

Besides, Airtel broadband has the most exhaustive plans at astonishingly low rentals, and which are packed with features.

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