One of the top RV rental trips for travelers is journeying from one of America’s famous coasts to the other, crossing the massive country and enjoying all of the adventures and sights the open road has to offer. One thing to keep in mind is that a coast to coast trip is a very significant undertaking and will require a good number of days travel. This trip will require significant planning and equipment that may prove taxing for first time travelers. This is not to say that first time journeyers shouldn’t take on this trip of a lifetime, but if you do then you should keep these tips in mind.

Choose The Right Vehicle

This is the most important aspect. You will be depending on your RV to get you from your chosen coast to the other in comfort and safety. Nothing will put a damper on a road trip like not having the right vehicle. Take into mind the number of travelling companions that will be along for the journey and be very careful to choose a vehicle that will comfortably fit all travelers. Comfort is the number one most important aspect to making a trip enjoyable, so this makes choosing the right vehicle of utmost importance.

Another thing you will want to consider is handling. If you choose an RV rental that is tough for you to drive, this will definitely make your trip less enjoyable. It is of the utmost importance that you test drive each rig that you are considering for your journey. Make sure to go with a vehicle that you feel comfortable and safe taking out on the road.

Carefully Map Your Route

There are many different routes to take across the U.S. Some travelers enjoy taking the northern roads and enjoying the epic scenery and activities they have to offer while others choose to take in the southern states to enjoy their unique charm. Still others love travelling right across the middle of the country, while travelers with time on their hands enjoy taking in all of the above. In order to figure out which of these categories you fall into, you should carefully to your research before choosing a route. Take a look at the different regions and choose which one is more appealing to you in terms of activities, scenery, and other factors that you deem important for your trip. Take a look at the travel forums and read suggestions from more experienced travelers. By the time you set out on your journey you should be confident that you have chosen a route that you are sure will be satisfactory to your specific travel tastes.

Once you have chosen your route it will be time to do the mapping. For this, make sure to choose several alternate routes just in case you should come into any trouble along the way in terms of road closures or weather conditions. This way if your main route becomes impossible, you can easily switch to one of your alternate routes and continue on your way with minimal hassle or lost time. It will help to read the forums here as well, as many travelers like to go online before, during, and after their trips to share good details about certain routes and regions.

Pack Carefully

This is a tricky one. Any traveler can tell you how quickly an RV can fill up when packing. This type of over packing is common for first time travelers, but it doesn’t mean you have to make the same mistake. Make up a detailed checklist of items that will be absolutely essential on your trip. Pack these items first and then take a look at how much space you have left. This is when you can throw in those items that you have deemed desirable but non-essential. This way you can set out on the road assured that you have everything that is essential for your trip within the RV while at the same time taking solace in the fact that a number of comfort items are along for the ride as well. This is a sign that you have packed well, and it will go a long way toward making your first trip a winner.

Jumping in an RV rental and heading out across the country has long been the dream of many travelers. If you have made the exciting decision to take on this mission for your very first road trip then you are no doubt in for the adventure of your lifetime. Before hitting the road just be very careful to choose the right RV, pack the vehicle carefully, and to meticulously map out your route and alternate routes. As long as you have these covered you should have an amazing and hassle-free adventure ahead of you on the American open road.

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