Mosquitoes are troublesome insects that can make outdoor time far less less enjoyable for most people than when the area is mosquito free. Because insects of this type live on the blood of humans and animals, they bite continuously whenever a food source is found.

Not surprisingly, these bites almost always become itchy and inflamed. They may even be painful, particularly if you cannot stop yourself from scratching. Insects of this kind are almost always present in hot, humid climates, especially if stagnant bodies of water are located nearby. If you have standing water on your property, consider contacting an expert at to eradicate a possible infestation. Below are some additional facts about these irksome bugs:

Mosquito Species

About 2500 different mosquito species are found throughout the world, and the United States is home to approximately 160 different species. Although some are more common than others, most mosquitoes deliver irritating bites.

Not All Mosquitoes Live on Blood

Both male and female mosquitoes reach full maturity approximately three days after they are hatched. However, it is only the females of all species that bite and draw blood. Male mosquitoes live for only approximately two weeks, and they survive on plant nectar as opposed to mammal blood.

The average life cycle of a female mosquito is much longer. Females live for approximately four to six weeks, during which their primary food source is the blood of humans and animals. Unfortunately for their victims, females outnumber males at a ratio of four to one. Obviously, this means that 75 percent of the mosquitoes on your property at any given time are capable of biting.

A Virtually Weightless Insect

You are highly unlikely to ever feel a mosquito landing on any part of your body, as they weigh only about 1/15,000th of an ounce. For this reason, the only indication of their presence is usually the high-pitched, humming sound they frequently make.

However, another little-known fact is that this sound is not very pronounced unless the mosquito is quite mature. Therefore, you may become the victim of multiple bites without ever hearing anything to alert you of the of the insect’s presence.

Mosquitoes and Disease

You have probably heard of West Nile Virus, but mosquitoes carry many other diseases as well. In most cases, they are viruses rather than bacterial infections, and therefore do not respond to antibiotics.

Mosquito-borne diseases kill more individuals throughout the world than any other factor. Even though such illnesses are not epidemics in the United States, it is always wise to err on the side of caution with regard to these troubling insects.

If you have a mosquito problem in or around your home, contact a professional at to schedule an appointment to have these irksome bugs safely and effectively eliminated.

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