Immigration in U.S. is getting more and more tense. The difficulty of immigration through work is prohibitive. First, you must win a h1b lottery (h1b抽签 ), then submit an application for h1b (h1b申请 ). As a Chinese green card, it is very long waiting time for h1b priority date (绿卡排期 ). However, in order to get the status of the United States, many people began to walk up the trick at any cost. Among them, getting married with American citizens has become a seemingly easy and simple way to immigrate. If you have been in the United States for a while, you will find that there are so many people who have this idea. Some even started the “fake marriage” business, and opened the “Green Card Marriage Agency”, which is responsible for finding “the right one” for those who want to get a green card. Recently, the US Immigration Service seized a fake marriage agency in Florida, and all the people involved were prosecuted for immigration fraud. In addition, this year, the Los Angeles police also seized a “marriage green card fraud” gang, many Chinese involved in the case, people are embarrassed.

It costs 30,000-50,000 Chinese yuan (equal to $5000-$8000 dollars) to find a citizen to register for marriage, and you can get your identity immediately. This seems to be easy and cost-effective, but as the saying goes, there is no free lunch in the world. If you want to rely on fake marriage, you have to pay the price. If you have this idea in mind, let’s first take a look at this story.

Annie found a suitable job in the United States after graduating from American universities, but she did not win H1B lottery. However, she did not want to return to China and wanted to continue working in the United States, so she thought of the idea of ​​finding someone to marry. Under the introduction of a colleague, Annie got to know Cain. Cain is an actor and needs extra income. Therefore, Cain promised to marry Annie. After Annie paid Cain for $5,000 dollars, they got the certificate and did a fake wedding. Everything went smoothly, but when Cain was going to help Annie apply for a green card, he met a beautiful girl Ketty. They fell in love at first sight, but Ketty was very dissatisfied with Cain and Annie’s fake marriage. divorce. Annie had no choice but to propose a divorce with Cain. The green card of Annie is also ruined.

It’s not as easy as you think to get a green card through fake marriage, look before you leap!

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