There are a ton of fun places throughout Chicago that are perfect for families with children, As a matter of fact, Chicago is one of the top places in the nation where  RV rental travelling families like to stop with their kids. From unbelievable museums to deep dish pizza to many great parks, Chicago is perfect for an extended family stay. There are so many family friendly spots throughout the city that it may be overwhelming to decide what to do. It all depends on the tastes of your family, so check out these top places to take your kids and decide for yourself before your trip.

Millennium Park

The first pro when it comes to Millennium Park is that it is free and open year round. This spot is incredibly popular with families due to the sheer amount of activities for children. In the summer kids love to run around in the Crown Fountain. Also there is the Lurie Garden where the kids can go on an organized nature hunt. If you’re stopping through in the winter you can go skating at the gorgeous ice rink. This is overall a beautiful park in a great location that the kids will love no matter what time of year you stop through.

Navy Pier

For anyone traveling through Chicago with kids, the Navy Pier is an absolute must. Here you will find a variety of fun and unique rides including a massive Ferris wheel, an old-school carousel, and the legendary wave spinner. Not only this, but there are often fireworks on summer nights that look great against the skyline. There is even a massive IMAX theatre right on the grounds. Needless to say, the Navy Pier is perfect for the whole family.


While it may not seem like museums are all that kid friendly, keep in mind that there are a large amount of museums throughout Chicago that yur kids will enjoy no matter what age they may be. First off there is the Shedd Aquarium where they can check out sharks and colorful fish galore. Then there is the Adler Planetarium where they can learn about the stars and witness amazing space shows. The Field Museum will be of particular interest as well, featuring the best preserved T. Rex body in the world.

Escape Games

At Escape Games in the River North District you will find a variety of awesome games that will keep your kids happy and satisfied for many hours. The great thing about the games here is that there is an educational angle to them so that your children will actually learn important knowledge while they are having fun. Just some of the realistic games available here are Prison Break, Gold Rush, and Mission: Mars where your kids will be in a spaceship simulation working as a group with other children to reach the distant planet. Needless to say, this massive space full of incredible simulations is a wonderland for kids of all ages. After all those hours in an RV rental,  this is the place to let them blow off some steam.


There are a great many options for kid-friendly shows all throughout the city on any night of the week. First you have Chicago Children’s Theatre which puts on kid friendly shows for all ages, The Broadway Playhouse, and the Emerald City Theatre which caters to younger audiences. Kids also love musicals, and the dazzling productions put on at Broadway In Chicago are perfect for a night out with the family. You can also check out the sketch comedy at Second City which will have the whole family howling with laughter. The theatre options in Chicago certainly rival New York when it comes to abundance and quality, so take advantage when you and your family pass through.


All kids love animals, and you will find many animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo. From small cute mammals to massive predators, you can witness them all on the grounds of this massive and well maintained zoo. This is one of the most famous zoos in the country, featuring everything from rare birds to a wide assortment of reptiles to most mammals you can think of. Everybody knows how much kids love the zoo, no matter their age, and our kids will no doubt spend many hours in full amazement here.

When it comes to kid-friendly American cities, Chicago is easily one of the best. The sheer abundance of activities and places available year round is unbelievable, making this city the perfect place to stop through on an RV rental journey. The whole idea of travelling with your family is to enlighten the minds of your children and give them a taste for road travel, not to mention good old fashioned fun. With its abundance of family friendly activities and places year round, Chicago is definitely the perfect spot for a family visit.

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