The Honda CB150R is the latest offering from Honda in the sub-200 cc segment and is expected to garner a tremendous response from the Indian customers, just like the Honda Hornet did. However, it won’t be a very easy task for the company as the segment has a wide range of naked motorcycles on offer, which includes the likes of the KTM 200 Duke as well.

The Japanese may be the second largest two-wheeler maker in India, but most of the credit goes to the scooters and the commuter motorcycles. The range of sporty motorcycles in this segment hasn’t been quite owned by Honda yet as the options are a bit too many. And especially, with the presence of the KTM 200 Duke, which is the best-selling KTM motorcycle in India, this task seems to be bigger.

However, it is still early days to be commenting on their popularity. All we can do is get the two motorcycles together and compare them on the basis of the specifications they carry and point out the one that could be the ultimate winner.

In terms of styling

Both the Honda CB150R and the KTM 200 Duke are naked-styled motorcycles. However, the Honda holds the right mix of the retro-styling along with the modern naked punch, something that the Duke lags behind. The Duke is more like an aggressive, sporty naked motorcycle with an upright ergonomics and high seat height.

Both the motorcycles are suspended over upside front fork and mono shock rear suspension. The Duke, however, has a bigger engine and fuel tank cowl, which makes it look bigger and more aggressive.

Power source

The Honda CB150R is powered by a 149cc single-cylinder engine that makes a maximum power of 16.8 bhp along with a peak torque of 13.9 Nm. In terms of the engine, it is placed below the Hornet, which has a 162cc engine. However, the CB150R is more powerful given that it is a more performance-oriented motorcycle.

The KTM 200 Duke is the most powerful motorcycle in the segment. Despite getting a 200cc single cylinder engine, it makes a maximum power 25bhp and a peak torque of 19Nm. These figures are way more than any of the TVS Apache RTR 200 and the Bajaj Pulsar 220F. The engine is tuned in such a way as to make the most power as possible for a street-legal 200cc motorcycle.

Final words

The Honda CB150R is designed with a tinge of the retro-styling. The rounded headlamps and the chunky fuel tank suggests just the same. However, when it comes to power and performance, no one can beat the KTM. The Austrian motorcycle looks fierce with a lot of aggression, which is channelized through a powerful engine. On the high road, the KTM is the one to be ridden.

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