Pets have great care available to them at home these days. We understand so much more about nutrition, disease prevention, and veterinary treatment in general. Many pet owners have changed the way they care for their pets as compared with the ways their parents and grandparents used. For pet wellness Fort Collins can provide for their pets, we’d like to remind you of a few things:


Good nutrition makes for a pet who has better health and behavior. Learn to read the labels on pet foods and ask your veterinarian for their insight on the foods you choose for your pets.


Exercise runs off both calories and pent up energy. It keeps your pet’s circulation in good working order, eliminates bad behaviors and anxiety that can result from boredom, and provides excellent social opportunities for everyone in involved.


Pet owners do a pretty thorough job of houseproofing their home for the safety of their pets when they first bring home that puppy or kitten. As a pet ages, however, they may need you to re-evaluate your home. You may need to open up areas so they are less likely to bump into objects. You may need to provide more area rugs that will help them avoid chills or get a better grip whenever they stand up or lay down.

Crate training

This has proven time and again to keep pets safe when they are home alone, or when unusual activities are happening like a party, trick-or-treaters, or remodeling projects. Controlling your pet’s movements during specific events reduces risks to their health and to the health of other people.


We understand that sometimes a pet owner may become a little lax in their discipline of their pets. This is why it’s helpful to brush up on obedience training. One of the simplest ways to do this is to go through a short routine every day that reminds your pet of important commands and sharpens your ability to communicate together better.


Keep a file of medical records, licensing, medications, and other pertinent information that will assure your pet of quick and accurate attention in case of emergency or if you are traveling and need veterinary care for your pet then. If you’re bringing in your new pet to our facilities for the first time, any paperwork you can provide will help us as we determine what care your pet needs.

Pet wellness Fort Collins depends upon includes the teamwork of pet owner and veterinarian to provide information, care, and home environments that benefit animals and their owners. Ask us any questions you may have about your pet’s care.


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