Plastics are getting a bad reputation due to the growing amount of plastic waste ending up in our oceans and ecosystems. Naturally, one would want to eliminate the use of plastic products all together. Especially when we hear how tiny plastic pieces are entering our food chains, specifically with large marine animals. Studies are showing now that microscopic plastic pieces are even entering our drinking water supplies. These facts are definitely scary and are driving us to find solutions for our plastic waste. Many companies are now avoiding the use of plastics in claims that they are helping the environment, but does this practice truly save our environment? Just by replacing one evil with another does not necessary solve the problem. This article explores different ways plastics can actually be beneficial to our environment.

Plastic products are used for almost a limitless application of solutions. This alone is reason enough to continue to use plastic products. The underlining cause of our plastic troubles is not the material itself, but rather the pollution caused by improper disposable of used products. If companies were to begin to use other material for their products or product packaging, then we will start depleting other natural resources. As an example of this, many people are advocating for the use of aluminum or glass containers for many of our daily products. What would happen when we start running low on aluminum? We are already seeing the effects of our global construction boom, which has driven the price of sand to astronomical levels. Some reports have even indicated that organized crime is getting into the sand business, where criminals are illegally digging sand and destroying ecosystems for a profit.

What’s even more concerning is that companies have passed on the responsibility of disposing of product packaging to the consumer, but almost no governing body has taken a second look at this practice. Companies are not penalized for disturbing products in containers that are meant to last for decades and centuries. It is true that plastics take centuries to fully decompose and return to a natural state, but it does not mean that a plastic product should be used only once. There are many companies that offer plastic fabrication processes that use recycled plastics. FiberTech offers such services, and make sure to check out why their products are superior at

Plastic has a strong advantage that it could potentially be recycled and reused countless of times. Perhaps if there were stronger laws against plastic disposal, then we would not be facing our plastic pollution problem. It will take determination and effort to reduce are global waste problem, but by simply replacing plastic products with another material does not solve our problems. We could even face more problems by doing so, such as the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. Many companies are shifting to paper products that are not necessarily from fully recycled paper. This causes us to deplete our precious natural resources even faster.

Plastics products serve our daily needs in many different ways. By maintaining a recycling and reusing philosophy, we can reduce the global waste produced and reduce the consumption of our natural resources.

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