For a man, the suit is the most important fashion piece. You need to wear it on almost all important occasions. Of course, you’ll need a suit wardrobe if you’re going to store your most stylish clothes properly. The key thing to remember when creating a smart suit Riidekapid or wardrobe is to make sure that everything is there, and you can get what you want to get easily.

Make Sure That You Have One Section for Each Part

Your wardrobe needs to have different compartments to house each part of your suit. Compartmentalization allows you to get each article of clothing easily. It keeps you organized too. You’ll need one section for your suit jacket, your polos, and your pants. Aside from these sections, you’ll also need some drawers to place your ties and socks. Other sections will contain your other accessories like your hats, bags, and other stuff. You’ll also need a place to put your shoes.

  • Suit Rack

Let’s start with your suits. The biggest section of your wardrobe should cater them. Men usually have different colors of suits and different styles for different occasions. The matching pants will usually be hung on the same hanger as the jackets. You must have at least 3 jackets that you can interchange.

  • Polo Rack

The other big section will now go to the polos. Just like suits, men will usually have different colors of polos. They are all hung together and can be gotten easily whenever needed.  At the very least, you need to have 5 polo shirts, so you can interchangeably use them.

  • Small Section for Accessories

If you like bringing accessories around like your fedora hats or bags, you’ll need a section in your wardrobe to place them. They’re usually placed in the smaller sections of your wardrobe. You can even put your watches in the suit wardrobe if you want. Just make sure they’re in their boxes and placed properly, so you won’t forget where they are.

  • Drawer for Undergarments, Socks, and Ties

You have to make sure that your wardrobe has different drawers for you to store your undergarments, socks, and ties. Men will usually have a lot of ties and socks, so they’ll need a lot of space. One drawer for each is good.

  • Shoe Rack

Your shoes are very important to your outfit so you’ll need to have a built-in shoe rack to store them. This can be placed somewhere in the lower part of your wardrobe. You must have at least 2 pairs of good shoes.


These are some of the essential things to take note of when you’re building your wardrobe. Mens’ suit wardrobes can be a bit complex because everything has to be organized. All articles of clothing must have its own designated spot. If you want your own complete suit wardrobe, you can actually get customized ones from companies such as V-Disdain. You can create your wardrobe just the way you want it.

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