Your home is special to you, even if it happens to look like most of the homes in your neighborhood. Paint is one of the best ways to give your home the personality you crave without having to move into a different structure. Keep the following tips in mind when it comes to choosing your colors. The right ones will make the architectural features of your building stand out, but the wrong ones may just end up looking gaudy.

Keep It Simple 

This is the cardinal rule of painting your house. More than three to four colors on any given home will start to look too busy. Extremely bright colors on a ranch home may look ostentatious whereas on a Victorian home they would call the viewer’s eye to the highlights of the building. For example, maybe you use an extremely vibrant blue to highlight a turret or a bay window. A simpler home will benefit from a different type of color palette, such as a basic blue with dark red trim. Start looking at each component of the home that will not change, from the roof to the ground to start formulating your plan. If your home has stonework for example, you’ll want to choose paint that coordinates with the natural look of the home.

Colonial, Contemporary, Craftsman

If your home falls into one of these three categories, you may want to stick with neutral colors like shades of gray, white and black. A contemporary home can get some fun accents, such as a brightly painted door, while a colonial will benefit from light blue siding, black shutters, and white trim. A craftsman house calls for shades of lighter green with a cream trim. If you’re looking for a paint store in Joliet, IL, then you should know that they can match practically any shade you can imagine.

Further Options

Farmhouses look particularly good in red,with a gray trim, while federal brick might look best with cream trim and dark green accents on the shutters and door. Ranches get a new look when they’re given charcoal siding with a blue-green door and white trim. If you have a Spanish colonial, stick with warmer colors like tan and then offset the beige with green trim and a red door. Tudors look great with pale gray siding, darker gray trim, and a blue door. Victorians should be given a splash of bold blues and purples for a more interesting look.

A paint store Joliet, IL can give you more information about exactly what you need to make your home look its best. If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to ask for advice.

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