When it comes to choosing girls dress shoes, it is very important to ensure the proper fit in addition to being comfortable. Shoes that do not fit correctly, restrict, or rub on parts of the feet can cause pain and injury. Take time to educate yourself on how to select the right pair of girls’ dress shoes before making your purchase.

Daily Wear vs. Special Occasion

Some girls dress shoes are great for everyday wear, while others work best for special occasions. When selecting a shoe for everyday wear, it is important to make sure that they are going to offer support and a superior fit. The more times the child will be wearing the shoe, the better constructed the shoes should be. A Mary Jane is an excellent choice for an everyday dress shoe. In most cases, the shoe is sturdy, but it is wise to look for some special features. Look for a comfortable insert that will absorb shock and that will provide support and stability to the foot, as well as a thick sole.  Dress shoes for special occasions should fit well and not rub on any parts of the foot. Flats are usually only for special occasions, and the amount of time that your child wears them should be limited because they are not meant as an everyday shoe. This is especially true for school and outside activities. Ensure that there is enough room inside the shoe for the toes to move around comfortably without being pushed against the end. If the shoes in question are sandals, make sure that there is a little extra room at the toe and the heel. If you are considering heels, it is important that your child can comfortably walk in them, and only use them for a very limited amount of time.

Proper Fit

When selecting dress shoes, always consider the fit of the shoe with a sock so that there is enough space in the shoe, and that the fit will not be tight. If you are planning on ordering online, take the measurements while the child is wearing socks unless they need sandals. There should always be room at the end of the shoe so that toes will have plenty of room to flex when they walk. Check to see if there are any tight spots across the toes or at the heel of the shoe.

When selecting girls dress shoes, take into consideration the type of activity, season, and if the child will be wearing them often. Good measurements and some research can help you find the perfect shoes for your child.

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