MP4 is one of the most preferred formats and it is part of MPEG-4. MP4 files include audio, video, metadata to subtitles. Powered by two of the world’s most popular operating systems, Windows and Mac, this is one of the handful of today’s most popular formats. But in daily activities, we often find interesting videos that are not displayed in MP4 format while we only have MP4 player. This is certainly annoying because we can not watch them. Therefore we have to convert our video format to MP4 and for this, we need the appropriate software.

You can find various video converter software on the market but based on our years of experience, Movavi Video Conventer is the best. How can? Consider the following explanation:

First of all, you need to download Movavi to your computer. You do not need any knowledge about the media format because Movavi can be run by anyone. You do not even have to pay a penny.

Run the program and click on ‘Add Media’. Next click on ‘Add Video’ to import the video (which will be processed) into the program.

At the bottom of the window displayed, click on ‘Video’ and you will find various formats provided by the program. For additional info, you can turn GIF to MP4.

Expand ‘MP4 category’ and choose one of the MP4 presets that best suits your needs. Click ‘Devices’ and choose device manufacturer to customize with your mobile device. You can also allow the program to select the most appropriate preset by clicking on ‘Cell Phone’ after connecting your mobile device.

Click on ‘Folder icon’ and select the folder where you want to save the conversion result. And the final step is click ‘Convert’ and the conversion process will start soon.

Once the conversion process is complete you can instantly transfer the converted video to your mobile device. To note, this program can also convert video to various audio formats such as MP3, WMA, FLAC and AAC.

In short it can be concluded that Movavi Video Converter is the best program to convert any video to MP4. This article may seem like a promotional article but it is based on our real experience.

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