On an average, people in Bangalore move to a different home thrice more than the people in tier II cities. This means that everytime you change your home, it comes with an additional shifting cost. It’s very difficult to get good provider these days because there are many providers who offer this service.

Here are some important pointers you should keep in mind to get best discounts.

  1. Check for difference in pricing based on slots: In many cases, the price for an immediate service is very high. Therefore, you should see if there is any difference in the pricing based on the slots. It’s always a good practice to book the services well in advance.
  1. Look for combo services: Just see if they have any combo services. Many packers and movers services – for instance, UrbanClap; offer multiple services that you can use while shifting. This includes home cleaning, carpeting, plumbing etc. You should look out for promos and special discounts while you narrow down on services. It keeps rolling out discounts from time to time, so make sure that you keep an eye out for it and take advantage of it.
  1. Schedule: The Packers and movers will generally tend to accommodate you for less pricing if there are fewer bookings at a certain hour. Therefore, try to set up the moving schedule during weekday afternoons. This will help you get a much better pricing, and avoid scheduling the service during the weekends when there is a rush.
  1. Keep an eye on discount by Areas: Just like cab fares, the price of packers and movers are less when the shifting is between two prominent places. Because this allows them to set up the next service nearby. So, don’t take their price for granted if you are at a location where they are likely to find more customers. For example, if I were to book packers and movers in Bangalore, I would demand a better deal if I am shifting from MG road to Jayanagar.

4 In case you can’t find discounts on the web, reach out to customer support: This good old way works the best in case you are unable to find any discount coupons on the web. In such cases, you can get hold of a customer service rep and ask them for various deals and discounts they have and pick the one that saves you the most.

While savings from packers and movers services may not amount to much – but any saving is good. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not take advantage of the power of the choice that increases in competition provides. Most of the service providers would accommodate you.

Relocating to any city is easy – as long as you keep these basics in mind. Be sure to research extensively before booking packers and movers in Mumbai, Delhi or just any other city.

We are hoping that you would use these tips to your advantage and save a fortune the next time you book packers and movers.

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