A trip with family to a new place can be an exciting experience. You get to explore new places, people and culture. Besides the usual fun element, a vacation plan in a new city can be expensive if you don’t know the affordable options. Most of the revenue generated by any city comes from its tourists, and that’s because they spend money at an unchecked rate, be it on transportation, food or accommodation. Now, you can plan the smart way for your budget vacation without spending extra cash. Here are some tips to make the best out of the least.

1-Transportation Facilities:

When in New York follow the locals and their pick for transportation purpose. New York is a pretty busy city with long lines of Traffic and every corner. Walking from one place to another which is pretty close can be a suitable option instead of hiring a cab for just a kilometre or two. For places farther than that, opt for a public transportation system.

Public transports like buses provide free rides for kids under 44-inch height which great for a family with kids visiting this city. You can also book your ticket on the sightseeing bus tours to get a good guided view of the city at a budget price. Get a good idea which New York Hop on Hop off bus tour is best? Take a look at through this link for the same:


2-Food Options:

New York City has some of the best fine dining options as well as great quality street food at affordable prices. Each has his taste in food. Some like Chinese, some love continental and some love the perfect mix of Indian Spices. Try to talk to the locals and take suggestions as to the places they love to eat at.

You will be surprised to know how you can find some really tasty food options at very less price. You can also opt for a hotel that provides a kitchen along with the room. Here you can cook your meal without spending much on dining out. You can also check out this list of restaurants in New York City to widen your food options.



If you are looking for accommodation facilities in New York, you have two options. The ones inside the periphery of the city provide cheap transportation options as they are close to most of the tourist sites but are on the expensive side. On the other hand, the ones outside the city limits are cheaper, but transportation costs range high when you want to visit places inside the city. When you choose to stay in the city, you can walk to most of the places recommended to visit during your vacation. There are several online deals available which can help you save a lot of money on your hotel tariff.


4-City passes:

New York City has some of the major tourist attraction p    laces that is a must visit when you plan a vacation to this place. Now, getting separate tickets for each place can be heavy in your pocket. You can avail various city passes like New York Pass or New York Explorer Pass that are designed to suit your needs at discount price. To know which New York pass is better, follow the link provided below:


5-Save with inexpensive attractions:

New York has a wide array of options for places to visit when in this beautiful city. You can also choose from many free and less expensive attractions to visit. The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and many concerts, libraries and parks all help you indulge in an inexpensive way of spending your holidays with your lovely family.

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