With HR finding it more difficult to Connect with top-tier talent. The best candidates aren’t responding to traditional tactics, they’re slipping through the net and are interested in the bigger employer brands in the market and your only chance to compete with the bigger personas is to be unique and stand out in recruiting campaigns. ‘Out-of-the-box’, creative recruitment campaigns in their unique way should connect with your candidates and get them to send their application processes. Outsourcing to professionals like sept24.com in HR marketing can help build a strong campaign.

Get your employees to get the word out

In a world of infinite choices of very crowded media platforms, one of the most authentic way to reach new recruits might be right under your nose, your own employees. They represent the greatest opportunity to create meaningful marketing tactics and develop Human Resources programs that increase employer brand, while also finding and retaining top talent.

Think different when recruiting

While many HR leaders have embraced traditional marketing skills, the market-leading companies have moved forward beyond HR while simply applying marketing techniques to a whole new opportunity. These effective companies are actually activating employees as a new marketing channel to achieve both HR and marketing objectives. Your workforce satisfaction with development opportunities will tremendously push your employer brand as employees are one of the top searches done by potential candidates while contemplating application.

Lessons from content creation

Content marketing has emerged as one of the hottest trends in marketing. Marketers are learning to think and act like publishers to create entertaining, interesting, or helpful content that consumers actually want to read and share compared to what was usually promotional content. And this approach allows a brand to reach, engage, convert and retain new customers. The approach is very relatable in case of the HR marketing as well. When you employ your employees in sharing content make carefully planned attractions that will be shared on their own accord rather than a forcible share of promotional content.

The domino effect

The combined efforts of sharing content that your audience wants from your own employees who are provided with a platform or opportunity to share their experiences or content provides a great snowballing effort compared to any paid or promotional content you put up for your employment brand.

According to LinkedIn, the combined connections of employees on the LinkedIn platform are 10X larger than any company’s followers. And just 3 per cent of company employees sharing branded content generate 30 per cent of the views and clicks on that content. Hence it clearly has a big domino effect in such powerful platforms where most potential candidates are part of.

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