Sometimes spelling mistakes appear wantonly and be design. In rare cases, the actually spelled one the misspelled one will have similar qualities. So is the case with a weight loss drug Phentermine and Phentremine. In the case of Phentermine, the original drug, it is a hormone stimulant. Whereas Phentremine is a natural diet supplement, but similar in action and qualities. Both drugs work in our body to reduce the weight, which is their main function. The similarities end there as the use of Phentermine requires a prescription from a medical practitioner whereas Phentremine doesn’t require one to be obtained.

Necessity of Weight Loss

Maintaining one’s health is an individual decision and wish, so why would others bother about this. Actually, if a country has more obese and overweight population, then they have to spend more money on healthcare. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 40% of the adult population is either overweight or obese as are more than 40 million children termed overweight. How does one find whether one is normal, overweight or obese?  The easy way is measure one’s own height and weight. When the Body Mass Index (BMI) is greater than 25 to 30, then these are overweight and if greater than 30, then they are obese. If one is concerned about being overweight, alternative natural diet pill may be an answer to reducing the weight. Being obese is not a good healthy lifestyle and has its own health consequences like cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, cancer, osteoarthritis and depression.

Dieting and Weight Loss

It takes great effort and determination to lose weight consciously as there are many distractions in this process. One has to go to greater lengths in their effort like exercises, walking and jogging and attending a gym. If one is inclined, they can opt for bariatric surgery which offers a very good chance of losing weight. However, it does have its own drawback as in pain and recovery and not to mention the costs involved. If one considers taking drugs to reduce weight, then there are alternative natural pillwhich works similar to their mainstream counterparts. These drugs work in our body and reduce the urge to eat. When one reduces their food intake, weight automatically comes down in a short time. That’s why many people prefer these drugs over other conventional routes.

Natural Diet Pills

The drug Phentermine is a psychostimulant that works on Hypothalamus and signals that food is not needed. Whereas in the case of Phentremine, it is made of natural or herbal substances and rather promotes metabolism in the body. Alternative natural diet pill contains ingredients that may include White Willow, Yohimbine Extract, Citrus Aurantium and Caffeine. Like any other alternative substance, the effect of this dietary supplement may be slow in action so its best combined with a regular exercise process. If one considers the side effects, they are very less. More important is that one need not have a prescription to buy these as they are considered dietary supplements rather than as a medicine. These can be purchased via pharmacies, supermarkets or online from reputed websites. One has to weigh the pros and cons of buying the natural one or the artificial medicine.

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