Cleaning services are vital for commercial and residential sectors alike. Homeowners don’t have the time to do the daily chores, while offices need cleaning services anyway. If you have a company that offers commercial office cleaning Melbourne, we have seven tips that will help in promoting your business.

  1. Know your customers. Typically, most offices like to hire a cleaning service on a contract. The term of the contract may differ, but as long as the services are good, frequent changes are rare. In short, you have to find ways to reach commercial customers, so that they can consider you for a job.
  1. Be visible. In marketing, the concept of ‘out of sight and out of mind’ works big time. Unless you are seen, you will not get enough business. Start by making a plan for your marketing goals, which should include the right platforms that can be used for ads and promotions.

  1. Ads still work. With all the hype around digital marketing, local businesses have started to ignore paper ads and banners, which is surely not the right thing to do. You need to place ads on the right channels once in a while, because people still read paper content.
  1. Use email marketing. Commercial spaces are managed by managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs, and you have to find ways to reach them. In that case, nothing works better than emails. You don’t have to spam your listings, but a good email with discounts always works.
  1. Pay attention to competitors. If you are unsure of how to start your marketing process, the best idea is to learn from competitors. What kind of deals do they offer? Are they promoting their business on particular channels? What’s their typical budget?

  1. Make a website. A good website can be the face of your brand. Most companies that offer commercial cleaning Melbourne have websites, where customers can find relevant deals, contact information, FAQs and much more. Take your time to hire the right developer.
  1. Offer more deals. Yes, commercial customers love deals, and for that, you might have to forgo a part of your profits. However, for new business, client acquisition is the first step towards success, and it is wise to offer some initial discounts, at least for long term contracts.

Lastly, don’t miss on keeping a check on the services you offer. Word of mouth can change things for local companies, and you can get genuine references from your existing customers.

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