Pub and club are two completely different terms, although at both places people socialise, hang out with friends and family, eat, drink and have fun. People often confuse these two terms and having a better understanding of the difference between the two would probably help in proper usage of the words.

Before we divulge the details of the two, let’s consider a basic difference between them. A pub is a place where you can have both nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages along with food. A club, on the other hand, is a place where people with common interests gather and have discussions. Generally, there is also music and a dance floor.

What Is a Pub?

Pub is a place where locals especially the youth hang out, eat, drink and have fun. It serves mocktails as well as alcoholic drinks such as wines, beers, cocktails etc. Many people sometimes refer to a pub as a bar too, though there is a minor difference between the two.

Kids are not allowed in pubs as there is an age restriction. One has to be of certain age to enter a pub. People prefer going to pub as there is ample of seating arrangement and also space to lounge about with your drinks both within the premises and outside. Pubs often have various types of entertainment, which are livelier during weekends. This includes stand-up comedian shows, live music and even adult entertainment.

Depending upon the location, there can be different restrictions on the kind of alcohol served. Pubs can be of different types like cocktail lounges, wine bars, gay bars, blues and dive bars. You don’t require a membership for a pub and can simply walk-in.

What Is a Club?

A club, on the contrary, is a place for different people sharing the same interests and goals to meet and socialise. Often nightclubs are referred to as clubs where people gather to socialise over drinks and snacks. There are some variations to it as well like at Puma social club you can experience an eventful and fun nightlife having drinks and tasty Continental American cuisine in a beautiful ambience.

Nightclubs also have the facility of DJ music and you can shake a leg too with your friends. Other than nightclubs, there are following categories of clubs.

  • Hobby Clubs – These are meant for people who want to pursue their hobbies among the like-minded people.
  • School Clubs – These are the clubs that generally come under the category of the curriculum and are meant for serious work and not fun.
  • Professional Societies – These are specifically meant for professionals to expand their knowledge horizon through various educational meetings that are held in such clubs.
  • Buying Clubs – These types of clubs require formal membership. If you are a member of such a club, you can buy limited edition stocks at discounts that are not generally available.

Many clubs requires a membership, which can range from very nominal fees to quite substantial. Also, most of the clubs do not have age restrictions.

Both pubs and clubs are a part and parcel of modern life and people frequent one or both depending on their preference.

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