The United States of America may be more popular than its neighbouring country Canada, given its advancements on many fronts, but there are more reasons to love Canada than the US. In 2017, the World Happiness Report ranked Canada on the 7th position, while the United States of America came on the 14th rank.

Although US has a controversial image over the past decade, this is not the only reason why Indians and people from all over the world have been flocking down to Canada. Applying for a US visa for Indians is a bit more difficult and more tedious than applying for a visa for Canada. Moreover, the latest reforms in the immigration laws implemented by the Canadian government have made it easier for the skilful minds to settle down in Canada. All you need to do is apply for Canada visa online with the help of expert services like the ones offered by and you can enjoy these small, yet noteworthy perks of choosing it over US.

  • An international survey conducted in the year 2013 asked people from around the globe about their thoughts on attributes about countries with regards to safety, public policies, efficacy of government, etc. The survey found that Canada topped the list of these reputation rankings while the United States of America was nowhere near it.
  • Canada is known to be a cultural mosaic, where everyone coming from a wide swath of cultures is melting into a homogeneous outcome – preserving, understanding and celebrating each one of those cultures. US on the other hand still lives by its history of bigotry and discrimination. Canada is at the epitome of world peace compared to US.
  • Canada has a vast expanse of land that boasts of many things to see and do like natural parks, lakes and much more. Canada is intrinsically a ‘cottage country’ as most of the Canadians have a cottage, like a lake house, where they spend their summers in natural habitat. The outdoor activities of Canadians as compared to Americans does not end here. While there, you may find people, even in cities, enjoying food and drinks on the patio on daily basis.
  • Albeit Canadians may be paying more taxes for healthcare, but doing so they are encouraged to take up more preventative visits to the hospital. The health care system in Canada provides its people with the best possible treatment at much lower charges. This is not the case in America, where health care costs often lead to charitable fundraisers to help come out of the crisis. Canadian parents also get a one year of paid maternity leave to look after their child properly in his/her first tender year. Canadians are healthier and in better shape than the Americans, and outlive them given the life expectancy rate they have which has given it the 1st spot while America is at number 35. The health care system in Canada is far more effective than that in the US.
  • Statistics reveal that US is many times more dangerous to live in than Canada. Be it mass shootings, homicide rate, fatalities due to road accidents, mortality, or robbery, Canada is a much safer country to reside in as compared to the United States of America.
  • It is no news anymore that the political progression in the United States of America is a bit aggressive, rigid and backward. Things up north in Canada are quite relaxed when it comes to gender equality, gay marriage, gun laws, and universal health care. The Canadian government ensures that all their citizens enjoy equality, safety and freedom, at all costs. Even getting a US visa for Indians or many other nationalities is more difficult than getting one for Canada.
  • Canadians are proud of themselves, but not arrogant that comes with American pride. Be it nationalistic pride, sexual pride, or anything else, Canadians are proud, and accepting of who you are and what you believe in at the same time, without any reservations.
  • More often than not, polite is not a word used to describe Americans. This, however, is exactly how Canadians are known to be. While the politeness that was evident in the US evaporated into self-consumption, Canada still holds true to its value of being respectful and courteous to others. Many Americans consider politeness to be a sign of weakness, while Canadians are always on the best display of etiquettes.
  • When it comes down to the culinary expertise, American food is synonymous to junk food in many parts of the world. It is known to be gluttonous if nothing else. Being the cultural mosaic that has embraced people from different parts of the world, the Canadian landscape has a plethora of amazing food variations to offer that is a food lover’s delight. From Ethiopian and Caribbean to Filipino, Indian, Chinese, Jewish, German and Portuguese and many more, one can find authentic cuisines in Canada at the tastebud’s fingertips.
  • People from Canada love to travel and their worldly knowledge compared to Americans is enviable. Although America has progressed substantially in many spheres, they are still self-centred and know about themselves more than they know about their neighbours.
  • A report states that as compared to the Americans, people in Canada are on an average richer by $40,000. US in the past has suffered from the numerous wars and has been hit by the recent recession; whereas Canada has gradually built its way up and today, as per the World Bank, stands at the 10th place in the world’s economic ranking. The exports have grown significantly that has impacted the Canadian dollar positively by 42% as compared to the American dollar. People in Canada also enjoy a lower interest rate and higher number of full-time employment.

Every country has something special about it, and the United States of America too excels in many ways. But when compared to Canada with regards to the points stated above, America certainly falls behind.

With over 38,000 Indian already living happily in Canada, need we say more about their acceptance for outsiders? So, what’s the wait for? Apply for Canada visa online today and embrace the culturally and technologically rich land to be your next home. Or, if not that, then a holiday in Canada sounds equally good and promising!

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