Now that spring has sprung it’s time to think about your to-do list for 2017. Whether you want to add living space to your home, spruce up the looks of your property, or lessen the number of splinters on your feet throughout the summer months, deck restoration or deck remodeling is a quick and easy way to achieve your goals.

“Quick and easy? Really? Are you sure you’re talking about a home project?”

Yes, we’re sure. Making your deck project quick and easy is all about finding the right company to take care of it so you can spend time doing what you enjoy with the people you care about. At Deck Wizard, we have been building, restoring, and remodeling decks in Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Tidewater and Central Pennsylvania for years.  Whether your deck is in need of a fresh coat of stain, a minor makeover or a full restoration, you can rely on us to do the job right and provide you with lasting value.

With no further ado, here are the top three reasons you should make your deck a priority in 2017:

1.) Because You Deserve It

After a long, hard day of work, you deserve to come home to a relaxing setting. There are few things more enjoyable than sipping a cold beverage on your deck as the sun sets on a warm summer’s eve. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make that happen if your deck is peeling, rough, full of jagged splinters, or downright unsafe due to structural rot. With deck restoration, your deck can go from eyesore to pride-and-joy before you can say “pour another one.”

2.) It Can Add Value to Your Home

Whether you are considering selling your home in the near future or just want to protect the investment you’ve already made, adding outdoor space or improving existing space can add value. People love having a good time outdoors and a well-designed, functional and beautiful deck can go a long way toward making the right first impression.

3.) Your Deck No Longer Works For You

Chances are you did not design the deck on your home and there are some things you would change if given the chance. Well, here’s your chance. Do you wish the stairs were located elsewhere? Do you wish your deck had a second level? Is your deck too small for the summer entertaining you want to do? Is your deck no longer up to safety code? From something as simple as fixing exposed nails and strengthening railings to complex remodels, you can rely on our team to make your deck work for you and your family.

Bonus Reason #4: You Don’t Want a Deck but You Want Enjoyable Outdoor Space

As much as we love decks, we realize they aren’t a great fit for every home and every situation. There are numerous alternatives you can consider, such as three-season porches, sunrooms, paver patios and more. The bottom line is this: spring, summer, and fall provide a wonderful opportunity to get outside and enjoy your living space. Make it happen in 2017.

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