When you want to cash in your gold in an instant, the best way to do so is to contact a reputable NYC gold buyer. However, if you don’t know how to identify a dependable gold buyer, you might not get the full value of your prized possession.

If you are new to selling gold, here are the top tips to help you find the right gold buyer in NYC.

Look out for customer reviews
A reputable gold dealer has a good standing with their customers, which implies that you are likely to find positive customer reviews on their website or popular review sites such as Yelp and Google. Reputable gold buyers in NYC display customer reviews on their websites from past customers. If a gold buyer near you does not have positive customer reviews available online, you should skip them altogether.

Valuation of your Gold
While gold is among the most valuable metals, you will get different valuations from different gold buyers. Consider asking for multiple quotes from different gold buyers, and take the time to compare. Doing so will give you the best price offer. Getting a valuation before sending your gold to a cash-for-gold dealer is ideal to determine which dealer has the best offer near you.

Consider the valuation criteria 
If you are selling jewelry that is made up of a high percentage of gold but contains other metals, they add up in value too. You should consider a gold buyer who factors all the precious metals that your item is made of. Most cash-for-gold dealers remove other metals from the gold jewelry and dispose of when they receive your gold jewelry. If you can’t find a dealer who will factor in the other metals into the total valuation of your gold jewelry, you should consider selling them for melting instead.

Ask for referrals
If you are new to selling gold, the ideal starting point would be seeking referrals from friends and colleagues who have sold gold before. Thier experience should come in handy for you as you seek the right buyer.

Working with a reputable NYC gold buyer ensures that you get a fair selling price for your gold. If you take the time to conduct due diligence and find a reputable gold buyer in NYC, you will get the money that your gold is worth and make a decent profit.

At Gem Pawn Brokers, we offer competitive gold prices and friendly customer service to help you cash in on your gold. Contact us today or visit any of our 26 convenient locations in New York for more information.

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