Winter is often considered to be the most dangerous driving season across the US. But in the greater Houston area, the spring season brings along plenty of unique driving dangers. From spring rain to more travelers on the road, there are a number of seasonal hazards that drivers should look out for. As your local hit and run attorney in Houston, we want to help ensure that you and your loved ones are safe as you plan your next spring road trip. Keep these important driving tips in mind before you travel:

5 Safety Tips for Spring Driving

  1. Spring Showers Make for Wet Driving Conditions

Drivers should always slow down on slick roads and leave plenty of room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. Even just a small amount of mist can quickly mix with oils and debris on the road to create very slippery driving conditions.

  1. Share the Road

The nice weather is sure to bring out more people. Be sure that you are driving safely and sharing the road with motorcycle riders, bicyclists and pedestrians.

  1. It’s Pothole Season

Harsh winter road conditions in most parts of the country mean that potholes are a big issue in the spring and thanks to lots of rain here in Houston during the late spring, you need to be cautious when driving as well. Do what you can to avoid driving into potholes, as they can do major damage to your vehicle and leave you vulnerable to accidents.

  1. Avoid Those Puddles

It may be a temptation when you are driving down your neighborhood roads but driving through big puddles is a big no-no. Sure it seems like fun but driving through water can not only cloud your vision, it can cause you to hydroplane and even impair your brakes.

  1. Watch Out for Animals

When the spring season finally descends upon Texas, the animals around the city are ready to get out and play. Wild and domesticated animals naturally increase their activity levels in the spring, so drivers are much more likely to encounter them as they cross the roadways. Always be on the lookout when driving through neighborhoods and keep a keen eye out at night for their illuminated eyes.

Enjoy a Safe and Happy Spring Season

Our hit and run attorney in Houston is used to seeing a wide variety of accident cases each spring. While not all accidents are preventable, we hope that by following a few simple spring driving tips, you can stay safer out on the road. Want more information about safe driving practices? Be sure to check us out online today and visit our blog!


Spring Driving Roadway Hazards You Will Want to Watch Out For

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