Condoms are the most important part of good sex. Not only do they offer protection, but they also enhance the sexual experience.

You are in a relationship with this exciting woman and you can feel it progressing from kissing and fondling to actual sex. As exciting as the prospect is, you are a little daunted by the idea of wearing a condom for the first time. The potential for errors with them is quite high, especially if you are not familiar with how to use condoms.

Most couples prefer to go ‘natural’…

Many couples (mistakenly) believe that condoms take away their excitement during sex. They dislike the feel of the condom and want natural, skin-on-skin contact.

This may be true of condoms that are thicker, but new age condoms are quite thin and designed to mimic the feel of skin as much as possible. Condoms designed by leading companies in India also offer variations in their condoms – some are warming, others are ultra thin, and still others are ribbed and dotted for maximum pleasure for both partners. It all depends on which kind of condom you choose, and how to use condoms in the right setting.

There are flavoured condoms that enhance the excitement of oral sex as well. Basically, it’s all down to picking the right condom and the perfect size.

How to use condoms

If you are about to use a condom for the first time ever, then you must have a few questions about it. Follow our lead and you will be ‘home’ safe!

  • Read the instructions on the pack carefully. The box issues a clear set of guidelines on how to use condoms.
  • Before you open the pack, ensure that you don’t have sharp or long fingernails. Fingernails can snag the condom and tear it. Don’t use your teeth to rip open the pack either. There will be an indicator at the top of the pack – tear only along the indicated side and gently remove the condom from its packaging.
  • Pinch the tip of the condom when putting it on – this removes air bubbles and prevents the condom from bursting during sex.
  • Unroll the condom on your erect penis. Hold the ring at the base in place while inserting your penis inside the anus or vagina so that the condom does not ‘bunch up’ during entry.
  • After use, remove the condom carefully from the penis without spilling its contents. Tie it up with a secure knot and throw it away in the trash. Wash your hands clean before you touch your partner’s genital area after removing the condom.
  • If the condom is torn or used, throw it away. Use a fresh condom for every sexual encounter.

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