Gone are the days when shirts, t-shirts and trousers were considered to be meant only for men. In 2018, gender no longer dictates how you are going to dress for a particular occasion. These days, fashion designers are combining men’s and woman’s collection to create a new line of dresses. The unisex fashion has created a rage among the urban crowds in the present setting. The slogan t shirts, hoodies, loose-fitting suits, tailored jackets, are some of the examples where the designers are trying out new trends in Unisex Fashion. Many famous fashion designers like John Lewis have abolished the “girls” and “boys” labels from their brands and have recently launched gender-neutral collections for kidswear.

How Is Unisex Fashion the New Fashion Revolution?

The unisex fashion is the new revolution nowadays. Wildfang, a United States based apparel company is also famous for their gender-neutral line of clothing.  The CEO of Wildfang, Emma McIlroy told to The Independent correspondent recently that she considers gender as a fairly restrictive concept. It limits one’s true self-expression and their ability to reach full potential. This is the main reason for their tomboyish style apparel collection. This trend of unisex fashion has caught up in India too. Nowadays, we see many renowned fashion brands like Bewakoof, Levis, Adidas, Fila, Lee, Ajio, etc launching slogan t-shirts, hoodies, loose-fitting suits, tailored jackets, etc that are neither overtly feminine nor masculine. Here are a few instances where unisex fashions have brought about a new revolution.

  • Girls Wearing Unisex Slogan T-shirts

Many girls consider wearing men’s slogan t-shirt as a new style statement. They find the men’s t-shirt more bold and attractive. The slogans which are printed on the men’s t-shirt are far more outreaching in nature. Moreover, the women’s dresses are far fussier and clattered, with lots of buttons, zips and flares here and there. The modern urban woman who is fearlessly independent does not like such type of girly dresses. They want their dress to complement their personality, so wearing men’s slogan t-shirt is an option worth trying.

If the men’s slogan tees are long enough, you can wear them as a dress shirt. You can also team it up with a short skirt to make your legs look more slender and longer. If you wish to accentuate the upper part of your body, you can accessorise the t-shirt with a belt.  Many popular fashion portals maintain a huge stock of slogan t-shirts which are unisex in nature. People from all genders, races and regions find these t-shirts equally attractive.  This is the reason why we find more and more woman opting for men’s slogan t-shirts as their casual day wear.

  • Unisex Hoodies and Sweatshirt are the New Style Statement

The unisex hoodies and the sweatshirts are popular fashionable outfits which are taking the nation by storm. They are a universal choice for the men as well as women. It makes you look very trendy and stylish at the same time. They come in a wide array of colours, vibrant designs, different eye-catching graphics printed on it. They are especially popular among the college crowds who love to adorn the bold sweatshirts to beat the cold in winter.

  • Unisex Sunglasses

The sunglasses are the most popular fashion accessories for people of all age groups and generation. In addition, to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays and the glare of the sun, this trendy fashion accessory also provides the special touch to your outfit to instantly transform you into a fashion icon.

So, this was, in brief, a few ways by which the unisex fashion has transformed into a new fashion revolution.

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