There used to be a time when buying a car was a lifelong dream of an average Indian family. Car was a status symbol back then. However today, it is no longer the case. An increasing number of people are purchasing cars today. In fact, some families have started boasting of two cars. The growth of used cars market has contributed to this purchasing spree.

People are now getting more comfortable with the idea of buying a used car. However, there are still a few apprehensions in people who intend to buy used Tata Nano in Bangalore.

There are many obvious reasons to purchasing a used Tata Nano car.

  • Compared to a new car, you can get a used Tata Nano in less price. You can look for a used car that is in good condition and is hardly 3 years old and buy it for far less a price than a new car.
  • You can save on depreciation loss when you purchase a used Tata Nano car. A new car starts depreciating right from the moment it leaves the showroom. Since the rate of deprecation is applied to the value of the car, the loss due to depreciation is higher in new car compared to a used one which is bought at less price.
  • If there are any warranties applicable to the car, then those will get transferred to the new owner. This way you get to enjoy the OEM warranties without paying anything for them.
  • You can also get to enjoy the latest features and updates to the car’s model for a less price compared to a new car.
  • You can get extra features like anti rust coating and glossy paint finish for absolutely no cost whereas you need to pay extra for the same in a new car.

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