A gynecologist is a doctor whose focus is on the reproductive health of women. If you have decided to make an appointment with your gynecologist Middletown, NY it means that you are taking full responsibility of your body. It is normal to feel nervous about your first visit but there is no reason to be uncertain or nervous. This article will look into a few aspects that you should know about before making an appointment.

Why make an appointment?
Many women and ladies feel that they do not have to visit a gynecologist because they are fine. Many will wait till there is a problem before they can make an appointment. This is however not right. Visiting a gynecologist can be beneficial they will help you understand your body and learn how to take care of it. They will help you understand what is normal, this will help you be proactive when there is a problem such as an infection. They will also detect problems early and have them treated. Having through thorough training and research they are best suited to answer any questions that you might have about your body.

When should you make an appointment?
It is advisable that girls make their first appointment between the ages of 13 to 15 years. During this period, their bodies are going through changes and the gynecologist will help them understand what is happening to them better. Even though you do not have to make an appointment every time you are having your period there are certain times that you should. An example is if you have reached the age of 15 and you haven’t received your period yet and your breasts have not started growing. Also, if you are having problems during your period such as extreme pain and heavy bleeding it could help visiting a gynecologist.

What will happen during your visit?
This is the part that makes most ladies nervous about making an appointment with a gynecologist Middletown, NY. Most of your time will be spent just talking about you and your family history. This is crucial so that the gynecologist can have a full background of their patient. They will ask plenty of questions but do not be intimidated the doctor is looking for facts about your health. During your visit, they will probably go through their usual checkup checklist such as your weight and blood pressure. They might conduct a breast exam just to make sure there is no problem.

There is nothing to be afraid of when visiting your gynecologist. If you are not comfortable having a male gynecologist conducting the exam you can always ask to see a female doctor.

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