With the increasing popularity of air travel in India, most of the smallest of cities too are extensively connected on flight networks. If you are planning to fly domestically, these five tips can ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free experience.

The flight operation in India has now successfully reached Tier II as well as Tier III cities, and the whole country is now efficiently connected to one big flight network. The airfares have dropped significantly in the past few years due to increasing competition. As a result, the popularity of domestic travel has increased too.

But while more travellers now prefer flights over other modes of transport, the need for better awareness to enjoy a hassle-free flying experience is also high. If you are planning to fly domestically anytime soon, ensure that you do remember the tips mentioned below.

  1. Create a Complete Travel Itinerary

Even before you book flights from Chennai to Delhi or any other city, make sure that you create a complete travel itinerary. Try to fix the departure and return dates and if possible, book return tickets as it is usually cheaper than booking single tickets.

  1. Use Online Travel Portals for Booking Tickets

While the airfares are low, you should still try to save as much as possible on flight bookings. There are now travel portals which you can use to buy cheaper flight tickets. Ensure that you compare the prices between multiple such portals to pick the best deal.

  1. Cross-check the Information You Enter

You’ll have to provide personal information when booking flight ticket online. Cross check all the information before submitting to avoid any kind of errors. If at all there is a difference in the information you submitted when booking a flight and the information on your identity documents, you might land yourself in some trouble.

  1. Check the Flight Status

Be it Go Air Flight Status or Jet Airways Flight Status, it is also very important to check the flight status before you leave for the airport. The flight might be delayed or in some cases even cancelled. Checking its status would save you the trouble of reaching earlier or leaving for the airport at all.

  1. Ensure that you Carry a Valid ID

Every traveller is required to carry a valid ID when entering airport and checking-in. Driving license, Aadhar card, PAN card, ID cards issued by the Government, etc. can be used to enter the airport. Also, even if multiple travellers are travelling on a single PNR/ticket, make sure that every traveller has an ID card.

  1. Mention Special Needs When Booking

If you have health problems or need any kind of special attention from the staff of the air carrier, ensure that you mention the same when booking the flight ticket. It might be difficult to get the arrangements done at a later stage. There is a possibility that you might have to pay a little more for such additional service.

It is with the help of right planning that you can ensure that you enjoy a convenient experience when flying domestically. Make a good note of these points as they can be very useful no matter how or where you travel.

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