There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your child grow up. Seeing them take their first steps, learn their ABC’s and ride a bike with no training wheels is exciting. Every step of the way, you’re rooting for them to give their all and achieve their goals.

So when that day finally comes for them to walk across the stage and obtain their diploma is phenomenal. It’s an unforgettable experience and a great achievement. Your work as a parent is complete, now that your child is officially an adult. Of course, you can stick around and offer advice and hopefully they take it, instead of learning the hard way.

But to congratulate your child on their big achievement, you can buy a special gift. What type of gifts are out there and which should you consider? Obviously, the present you decide to buy will need to match the personality of your child. So use the following as a guide to inspire your own concepts for the perfect graduation gift.

Buy Tickets to a Concert

Most high schoolers have a favorite artist or two. Why not treat your son or daughter to a concert to see their favorite singer, rapper or band? Make sure to buy two or three tickets, so they can take their friends with them. You can find deals on tickets from various online sources.

Get a Brand New Car

If you didn’t get your child a car when they got their license, why not do it now? If you have the funds to pay for something cash, that would be best. This way, you don’t have to worry about paying off the car. You also don’t want to pass on a bill like this to your child before they’ve entered the real world.

A car is a great gift, since it signals adulthood. After all, they need a way to get to college or work, depending on the route they decide to take.

Purchase a Personalized Gift

You can go to sites like Personalization Mall to customize a gift just for your son or daughter. There’s nothing more special than a gift that is designed specifically for someone else. Let your child know you’re thoughtful side by getting a picture frame, stuffed animal, keepsakes and other products you can  personalize for your graduate.

Go On a Special Vacation

What places does your child want to visit? Maybe you heard them speak of a destination repeatedly. If so, consider taking them there once they graduate. You can make it a surprise, so they’re really stoked about it once they arrive. You can also bring along one or two of their friends to really make it a fun time.

Finding ways to congratulate your high school graduate doesn’t have to be difficult. These are just some of the ways you can show your child you’re proud of their accomplishment. Hopefully, these will inspire you, so you can show your adult child how much you care!

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