Approximately 80% of Americans experience back pains at a certain point in their lives. This condition is caused by trauma, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and musculoskeletal problems among others. Although the pain (even if severe) can resolve itself within a few days, you should seek the services of a few qualified New York back doctors if the back pain persists or you experience the following:

Back Pain and Fever

Fever associated with back pain can be a sign of spine infection that arise due to a weakened immune system or a spine injury. Other issues that can trigger this condition include a continuous use of epidural steroids, intravenous drug abuse, and extensive dental procedures. For effective treatment, a back specialist administers antibiotics to eliminate such infections.

Acute, Severe Upper Back Pain

Sudden upper back pain, especially in individuals who have osteoporosis, is usually an indication that a vertebral body has splintered and collapsed. A spine doctor can manage the pain and correct the deformity.

Back Pain and Numbness or Tingling in Leg

Numbness or tingling in the leg associated with back pain could imply that you have nerve irritation or damage. The condition could be due to a spinal stenosis or herniated disc. A back doctor can recommend prescriptions, treatments, or surgery to help ease pressure on the nerves.

Back Pain Accompanied by Loss of Control of Bowel or Bladder

Inability to restrain the bladder can be a sign of a rare and severe condition called cauda equine syndrome. Typically, nerve compression causes the condition and if left untreated, it can lead to paralysis.

Unexplained Weight Loss and Back Pain

You should seek medical attention if you experience back pain and significant weight loss without dietary or activity level changes. The spine doctor will order imaging and blood tests to examine any hormonal disorders or cancers.

History of Cancer and New Back Pain

If you’ve previously been diagnosed with cancer, an onset of back pain could mean that the cancer has spread to the spine. Thus, you ought to visit the back doctor for further assessment.

Back Pain at Night

Back pain that causes you to lose sleep should not be overlooked. This could be a signal of spinal tumors or cancer.

Battling Back Pain? We Can Help!

Back pain is a common condition for many people, and one of the most difficult to diagnose and treat. Besides being exasperating, it can be excruciating and you should thus seek the most efficient treatment. At our treatment center, we have a world-class team of competent back doctors who uses the state-of-the-art technological trends and is conversant with all the safety measures that come along with the trends.

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