After the Ben Johnson episode during 1988 Olympic Games, the name of Winstrol became very prominent in the sports fraternity. However, Olympic community forced Ben Johnson to surrender his gold medal, but he made this steroid a popular one. Ever since, during cold war between USA and Soviet Union, during sixties competition between two countries did not remain confined only in the political field. In sports, too each country wanted to dominate over one another. Since then medical researchers of both countries tried to develop steroids to boost the performance in sports and steroids like Dianabol and Winstrol came into the market.


What are the benefits of Winstrol?


In spite of creating many controversies, one cannot deny the benefits obtained from Winstrol. Any athlete can easily get the advantage against his competitor without becoming a huge monster like body. The benefits obtained by athletes and bodybuilders are totally unquestionable. Both can develop lean muscles, which can help them during training.

Besides that, Winstrol has a number of medical benefits too. Not only humans, but it is extensively used for the treatment of animal too. Particularly for animals which are to be slaughtered for eating meat are fed with this drug to grow more muscles in their body.

Athletes usually consider Winstrol as milder steroid because it has a lower rating as anabolic and androgenic steroid. However, its effect on our body is quite appreciable.

Winstrol can either be injected in the body or taken in the form of oral pills. It can produce strength in our body without creating lots of muscle mass. You do not see bulky appearance like any other steroids that you can observe. That is because it has fat burning property too. It does not really burn fat, but convert them into lean muscle.

Few side effects that you cannot ignore

Winstrol is considered to be milder steroid, and hence it can also be used by women athletes. As a matter of fact, many women athletes all over the world use it during their initial training period. Its side effects are less harsh, but women often face certain physiological changes like secondary male characteristics. That may be because nowadays most women use birth control pills and hence there may be reaction between these drugs. However, so far, no relation has been found between birth control pills and the use of steroid.

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