It’s a common fact that criminal charges are sure to affect the person’s future life, particularly when it’s about getting an employment or think to travel somewhere. Though, what most of the people miss is that these charges also affect one’s ability to defend him/herself in civil lawsuits because the conviction takes away the rights and credibility.

So, how to avoid such problems beforehand? What would be the ideal approach to prevent such disability? Personal injury lawyers could be the ideal solution to handle all the situations. Since they have exposure to defend clients in civil as well as criminal courts, it would be quite easy for them to find a way to protect the rights of their clients.

Among various convictions, this article is going to discuss the driving related offence, which has significant impact over the rights in civil court.

According to the experienced Toronto criminal lawyers, most of the convicts of car accident are unable to anticipate their ability of future injury claims because they used to think that Highway Traffic Act and injury lawsuit are different and separate from each other. Reality is completely opposite to this concept because the results of a criminal lawsuit can affect the person’s future civil law claims.

Another misconception regarding a personal injury lawsuit is to check whether the insurance company has declared the convicted person ‘at fault’ or not. What they do not look out for is the Fault Determination Rules that the insurance companies use to decide who is at fault in the accident. With the help of these simple rules, it would be quite easy for the company to trace the person who is at fault actually. Here, remember that these fault determination rules do not have any impact over injury lawsuits.

According to most of the Toronto criminal lawyers, a Highway Traffic Act would haunt the convicted person in civil lawsuits because it is responsible to determine the actual person who was at fault. If the person was injured in the accident, a conviction or plea may not allow him/her to exercise the right to sue as before. While in some cases, there may be some limitations to claim for accident benefits. For example, if the driver is left handed and driving the vehicle dangerously, it would be a bit difficult for him/her to prove that everything was going right.

Remember that a conviction or guilty plea is always the biggest evidence of proving someone at fault in the injury lawsuit proceedings. It is also considered as the proof that the guilty party has actually broken the rules and has caused damages to the other party. For instance, a person couldn’t deny from being drunk while driving when he/she has already accepted the charges of impaired driving in the criminal court.

So, experienced Toronto criminal lawyers recommend to take the plea bargain or conviction seriously while claiming for injury caused to the person or someone else. Keep in mind that this plea or conviction is responsible to determine the actual guilty person and how the insurance company would proceed with the case and provide compensation.

In the end, if someone wants to get legal advice on the matter, experts are only a call away. Just dial the given numbers and every problem would be solved within no time.

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