Hiring a cost-effective, professional and proficient commercial cleaning service for your business can be tricky. With all those big claims, comparing these companies can be a murky job. As a business owner, you need to be smart about the basic approach, because you don’t want to repeat the process after a few months. Here’s your step-by-step guide for selecting a company for office cleaning Melbourne.

  • Make a shortlist. Talk to your industry colleagues or check online to find the best rated services in your area. You can check the reviews of other customers and businesses to know a service better.
  • Identify your requirements. Before you call up a few of the commercial cleaning companies, you need to make a list of your business requirements. What kind of cleaning services do you need? What should be the ideal frequency? Do you need steam cleaning and other specific things?

  • Call for quotes. You have a shortlist, and now it’s time to call a few companies for quotes. The estimates should be based on your work, so steer clear of services that have a fixed package for every client.
  • Evaluate the quote. What’s included in the estimate is also important. Avoid companies that don’t have all the details mentioned, because they may charge you later in form of hidden costs and charges.
  • What kind of equipment do they have? When you compare commercial cleaners Melbourne, you have to check the kind of work they do, and for that, their set of tools, equipment and cleaning supplies is relevant and must be verified.
  • Do they offer a contract? What are the terms and conditions of their services? This industry is not as transparent as you would expect it to be, so you need to check the relevant terms in detail. Settling disputes, if any, in an amicable way is extremely essential in the long run.

  • Know their staff members. When you hire a service, ask them about their team members. They should submit a list for their staff, and all cleaners must have their identify proof, so that the people in your office know them by face.
  • Is the company insured? Workplace mishaps can happen anytime, and therefore, you should check if the company is insured. If the company doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance, damages to your property and medical bills of the cleaners will become your responsibility by default.

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